Pleasant Valley Brush Fire Contained

The fire moved from west to east near Maplewood Stables just outside the fenced pasture area. On occasion the winds would pick up, and for a time horse owners in the area were considering what to do with their animals. Some just moved them to another pasture to wait it out.

Through it all Jim Filkins sat on his front lawn, with a cup of coffee.

" I am relaxed."
"How Come?"
"I'm retired."

Filkins says in the past fire fighters have known what to do, and while other fires over the years have gotten incredibly close to homes, they always seem to put them out, and this afternoon looked like no exception.

"Heard a siren on 395 took a look saw some vehicles parked, came over here to see what the smoke was all about and there you have it."

While lead planes circled the area, no air support was needed. Firefighters had the fire contained within about an hour. No buildings were burned, no injuries reported. No livestock lost. Just a way for a local retiree to pass some time and be thankful no flames were headed his way.

Throughout the incident 395 both north and south was open to traffic.

FIre officials say a chainsaw working along the fence lline at the stable sparked the blaze.