Passing Drug Tests Is Ultimate Test for Products

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They advertise in the newspaper, on the radio and the Internet. Companies that claim they can help anyone beat a drug test.

In tonight's special report, I take a closer look and put the products to the test.

And what we found out could change the way employers look at drug testing.

We tested products from a local store that specializes in drug detoxification. The owner says her products have worked for thousands of people, from all walks of life.

At Earth Angel's in downtown Reno, herbal products line the shelves, promising to flush, cleanse, or mask any type of drug. "Is it too good to be true? it's not," said store owner Pat Woodruff.

Pat has been in the drug detox business for fifteen years. We found her through ads in the Big Nickel, but she's also on the airwaves locally.

Pat says she's helped all types of people including "firemen, anesthesiologists, FBI." She said: "We can do hair blood urine we can do swab tests."

Pat says marijuana is the most common drug people try to hide.

"I know it's illegal but i enjoy doing is as recreation," said a test volunteer who we know as Joe Smith.

He says he's lost several jobs because of his drug use. "I smoke a bowl or two a night," he said.

Joe agreed to try two products from Earth Angel's.

For $60, we bought the Xtreme Detox drink with a 300 percent guarantee. For another $40, we got the Quick Fix synthetic urine, which Joe would use in place of his own sample at the testing lab.

After chewing a pill, Joe chugged the drink. Fifteen minutes later, another pill, then a full bottle of water.

The product promises to work in 30 minutes, but Pat advised us to give it 3 hours. For the synthetic urine, ten seconds in the microwave.

Then Joe kept it under his clothes to maintain the right temperature. "I was pretty skeptical, I'd tried several before and most have failed"

We'll find out how the products work in the second part of our special report tomorrow night. We will also look into how these products affect the workplace.

You may wonder what about the store owner - does she have any legal problems for selling these products?

No. She doesn't sell any illegal products and she's going on her 6th year with this shop open. Woodruff says she has a retail business license and she says she's had no problems with the law.