Crime Spree Suspect Committed

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An unemployed security guard who confessed to
terrorizing the community and police officers with death threats,
hate-laced graffiti and random shootings has been found to be
mentally incompetent to stand trial.
Judge Steven Kosach ordered Gary Craig Rosales to be held at a
state mental hospital in Sparks for evaluation and treatment for up
to six months before Kosach revisits the case.
Rosales claims someone named Eric Kline was responsible for the
five-year-terror spree in Reno that included stalking the district
attorney, trying to kill a janitor and firing gunshots into
occupied homes.
But police and lawyers have been unable to find any evidence of
the existence of Kline.
Kosach said during yesterday's hearing that Rosales is
delusional and incapable of assisting in his defense.
The action spared Rosales from his scheduled trial this month on
charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, aggravated
stalking, criminal anarchy and seven counts of firing into an
occupied structure.