Teens Nabbed In Vandalism

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Two Fallon brothers, aged 15 and 17, who were arrested following a convenience store theft, have admitted that they ran a hose into a house built by Churchill County High School students, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.
The boys were arrested early Monday after officers responded to
an audible alarm at the convenience store.
Fallon Police Chief Russ Brooks calls the additional charges of
vandalism a crime that was solved on a hunch.
Brooks said the teens admitted putting the hose in the house to
flood it. The vandalism was discovered Monday morning when a
neighbor noticed a hose sticking out of a hole in the front door
where a door knob had not yet been installed and water pouring from
the structure.
The 15-hundred-50-square foot house was completely flooded.
School officials say it will be completely repaired and put back on
the market at a minimum bid price of 230-thousand dollars.
The police chief says the teens were charged with burglary,
injury to property, petty larceny, possession and use of alcohol
and forgery.