Donate Your Quarters to Help Fight Cancer

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This year KOLO News Channel Eight is a proud sponsor of the Relay for Life here in Reno. The 12-hour relay helps raise money for the American Cancer Society.

This year's event will take place at the Reed High School track n May 30th beginning at six in the evening.

Money as you said goes to the American Cancer Society, which you may or may not know, contributes to research. Some of that research is going on up at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Marilyn Johnston likes to keep a smile on her face while she works out. But you'll soon find out she has a lot to smile about anytime. Ten years ago she was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer.

The treatment she was on meant chemotherapy, mastectomy and then her doctor suggested a stem cell retrival, bone marrow transplant. That's because Marilyn was told her cancer had an 80% chance of returning in three years.

The procedure was relatively new ten years ago. These days its still used but the treatment itself is less aggressive and intense today than it was when Marilyn had it.

That's in part due to research conducted by the likes of Dr. Bill Murphy, a microbiology and virology specialists. Dr. Murphy was formally research director for the National Cancer Institute.

He's now here at the University of Nevada School of Medicine studying bone marrow transplantation for solid tumors and Leukemia as well as immunotherapy for lymphoma.

Here's how immunotherapy works - we'll use Leukemia as an example.

Monoclonal antibodies are injected into the bloodstream, the antibodies are designed to seek out and lock on to cancerous leukemia cells. A radioactive isotope attached to the antibody then kills the cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched.

Harnessing a patients own immune system is fight cancer is exciting work for Dr. Murphy but he quickly adds it, along with his move here and his ability to garner more research grants, would not be possible without the American Cancer Society funds.

Dr. Murphy's case is just one of many and clearly illustrates how money raised through the American Cancer Society goes directly to research to ulitmatley find a cure

KOLO News Channel 8 is asking you to donate your quarters for this year's "Relay for Life." On the night of May 30th, we will stack quarters end to end - around the outside of the Reed High School track. By doing so, we hope to raise $10,000.

You can drop off your quarters at the station, Reno Toyota, Reno Dodge, and at Gold Dust West.

By the way . . . stacking quareters aorund a high school track is some that has never been done before in America.