Trench Collapse Fines

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The construction company responsible for a trench collapse at the Somersett Golf Course that killed two men earlier this year is now facing fines.

An OSHA Report released Tuesday shows that John Winfield, the owner of Western State Equipment and Bobcat, did not have the proper safety structures in place for this type of excavation.

The report says Winfield also lacked the expertise to even attempt this type of construction, and that he exaggerated on his contractors application.

During the afternoon of February 14th, Winfield was working alongside four other employees in the bottom of the trench when the walls collapsed, trapping three workers. One was killed instantly, another died later at Washoe Medical Center, and a third was freed with only minor injuries.

Wingfield is not facing any jail time for the violations. Instead, OSHA cited Wingfield for seven separate safety violations with fines totaling $49,000.