Back To (Summer) School

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Instead of racing bikes or running through the sprinklers, these kids are setting up their desks and gathering in circles for story time.
At the brand new Miguel Sepulveda Elementary, Principal Debbie Martino says many students and teachers prefer year-round school. They take three-week breaks instead of a three-month vacation, which Martino says keeps students in "school mode," so they don't have to readjust to the rules and procedures of the classroom. She also says the schedule helps students retain their lessons, cutting back on review time.
There are 63 elementary schools in Washoe County, 23 of them are year round. Most of the schools switched to the new schedule to help deal with overcrowding.
Washoe County Schools Superintendent Paul Dugan says every school has a capacity number, and when its full, the school will switch from the traditional schedule, to a multi-track, year round schedule. He admits it's a change that initially upsets some parents who are concerned about daycare. Others have middle and high school students who are on the traditional schedule, and would prefer to keep all of their children on the same school track. But Dugan says more and more parents are adapting to - and enjoying - the year round schedule.