Standoff Ends Peacefully As Shooting Suspect Surrenders

Reno Police Department
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It was a tense day for some people who live in northwest Reno. Police blocked off their street and a SWAT unit surrounded their apartments most of the day.

The standoff - and possible hostage situation - started about 3 a.m. yesterday at the Terracina Apartments on Sierra Highlands Drive off West 7th Street.

Three people were barricaded inside an apartment at the complex for 17 hours. Police say a suspected gunman and his girlfriend were holding a young boy inside the home.

Thanks to the stern words of a grandmother, the situation ended without violence.

Upset relatives rushed to a young boy, who was the first person to come out of the apartment at the Terracina complex after the stand off.
Ten minutes later, the man and woman suspected of holding him surrender to police.

The man, Ronald Dunbar, 26 of Bay Point, Ca. was taken into custody for investigation into the earlier shooting of James E. Williams Jr. Williams had been shot several times, including once in the face. He is listed as in critical condition at Washoe Medical Center.

"it went very well, we didn't have to force our way into the apartment," said Reno Police Commander Rick Saulnier.

Police say the boy lived in the home with his grandmother and she negotiated his release.

"When grandma spoke with the suspect she was very frank with him and he trusted more in her directness than ours," Saulnier said. "And he was pretty anxious to get the boy out when she started ordering him."

Police say the grandmother had known the man for ten years. They say she let him into her home around 2 a.m.Tuesday morning, at that time not knowing he was suspected of shooting another man in the face and critically wounding him.

Meanwhile police evacuated some nearby homes and crime tape crisscrosses the street.

Neighbors say they were surprised to see barricades and SWAT teams surrounding the area. "It's really nice how the police came together--the sheriff's, the Sparks P.D., it was a unified response," said neighbor Ken Robinson.

And as investigators piece together the details around this shooting turned hostage situation, they say they're relieved it ended peacefully

Police say the little boy is fine and he's going to be reunited with his grandmother.

At this point it's unclear why she left him alone with the suspected gunman and his girlfriend, but that's detectives are trying to find out as they continue this investigation.

At this time, police indicate Dunbar may face a long list of charges, including false imprisonment and kidnapping.