Police Search for Person of Interest in Reno Murder

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New videos and photos are being released in hopes that they will solve a Reno woman's murder.

Washoe County deputies say the images show Adriana Carillo-Guillen, 24, and one of the last people to see her alive at a 7-11 at Gentry Way and South Virginia in Reno.

"Clearly they're acquaintances," says Detective Tom Green of the Washoe County Sheriff's Office. "They get out of the same car. They're in the store together. Other than that I can't say."

Authorities have yet to identify the man. All police have to go on is a partial view of his face, and the front of his black sweatshirt with the word "Westside," a brand of clothing.

They hope someone recognizes him...and comes forward.

"He is a person of interest," Green says. "We need to speak to him. As far as an arrest, or warrant, we're not there yet. We just need to speak to him."

The car in which the man and Carillo-Guillen had been driving in has been recovered. It was found 11 days after her murder, abandoned on Tonopah Street. Investigators say it may hold the clues to solve this case

"Details of the search warrant are sealed for the integrity of the investigation," Green says. "We can't discuss ownership or what was in the vehicle."

But deputies tell News Channel 8 they have talked to the registered owner of the vehicle. He says the car was not stolen, and described it as a 1990 Acura Legend, faded brown, sunroof, no plates, with a hole in the windshield. There's also damage to the left side front end.

What makes this car even more important?

"We have eyewitnesses that put the vehicle in the area of her murder approximately 6:20 AM," Green says.

Investigators aren't releasing the exact time of death, but they say Carillo-Guillen wasn't there long. They're also not saying how she died, or if the murder took place on Western Skies, or if her body was dumped there.

James Steiner News Channel 8.