Wacky Bets

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We're a month into hurricane season...and stakes are high *not only for ravaged areas like New Orleans...but offshore casinos.
During a lull in U.S. sports...gamblers are instead, eyeing the weather.
Gambling on what this hurricane season will produce...is proving to be *just as popular, as who will win the World Series.
Nevada casinos don't offer hurricane bets...so thousands are dialing up other countries for action.
Sure, on-line gambling is illegal.
But...that's not stopping bettors from throwing down the cash...if a category 5 hurricane will make landfall in the U.S. before December 31st.
The odds aren't good, according to some off-shore sites.
A "yes" wager will cost you forty to win ten.
Some victims of Hurricane Katrina...think the betting is downright tacky, even cruel.
Richardson says it's all in good taste...and no different than what the National Weather Service does before each hurricane season.
Betting on natural disasters is *only one option...now that the basketball and hockey playoffs are over.
Bodog.com has odds on who will be found first: The body of Jimmy Hoffa or Osama Bin Laden?
Or, will Star Jones, former co-host of ABC's talk show "The View," be offered her own talk show by August 31st?
And, Will Britney Spears & Kevin Federline's second baby be a boy or a girl?
You won't find that kind of action...at Nevada race and sports books.
The Nevada Gaming Commission *only allows betting on something settled on the field.
For fun, they'll post odds on the Oscars...but will never take any wagers.
Richardson bets that could change soon.
One local gaming expert says because these kind of bets are simply too unpredictable.
Off-shore sites say it's not difficult to set the odds...local casinos just don't want to put in the work.
They say all it takes is a team of experts willing to research every paper, every magazine, watch every t-v program or show...so they know exactly what the line should be.