Comstock To Get New Hotel

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Visitors to Nevada's historic Comstock will have new accommodations to stay in beginning next month.
Virginia City's first multimillion dollar hotel is scheduled to
open the first week of August, the heart of tourist season.
Owner Hugh Roy Marshall said the 68-room hotel will be part of
the Ramada chain.
The $6.8 million, three-story hotel on E Street overlooks the
Comstock Park Arena, home of the annual camel races, and is along
the route of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad.
Thousands of onlookers come to Virginia City in early September
to watch jockeys from around the world race camels, emus and
ostriches. It is expected to be one of the hotel's biggest events,
given its proximity to the arena.
"Our main season is July, August, September and October,"
Marshall said. "But there's never been a hotel here so we'll see
what happens."
Tourism officials see the hotel as a much needed addition to the
small mining town, where bed and breakfast establishments quickly
sell out during the busy summer season.
"It's going to improve our tourism product immensely," said
Susan Sutton, executive director of the Virginia City Convention
and Tourism Authority.
"When we have big events like the camel races or the outhouse
races or the Fourth of July, our rooms always sell out. Having
those additional rooms is going to help us."
Marshall also plans to build a second, larger hotel on D Street.
He said site work on the $15 million Ramada Inn Express should
begin in 2009.