Melody Fire Remembered

This was the scene nearly three years what would be called "the Melody Lane" fire.
The fire started down the hill..but with wind and dry brush quickly worked its way up hill taking one, two, three houses with it...
Paul Keller remembers the day well...he says he smelled smoke and wandered outside.
" Neighbor came down that side of the street came down and said they are burning."
Keller says he grabbed this shovel, and a hose...and tried to keep the front end of the home across the street watered down.
" One of the commanders said something about we have a Oakland on our hands."
Reno Fire Chief Rik Kajans says he remembers making that comment. "Absolutely, the fire was moving very quickly from house to house. "
Fortunately the fire was contained to the four homes on the hill....Paul received a burn on his arm as a reminder. The only other sign is this street light. The fire was so hot it melted the glass which has not been replaced.
But the neighborhood has changed a little in the three years. One house went to xeroscaping hoping to prevent the spread of fire. The yellow home had to be renovated...and the two most damaged homes are being rebuilt.
Neighbors say the owner of one of the damaged homes, because of sufficient fire insurance, cut her loses and moved from here.The juveniles responsible for the fire no longer live here.
Paul Keller says when he heard about what caused the fire his reaction was nothing but anger.
Rik Kajans says the fire is a reminder of how one act can affect so many peoples' lives." Because of some juveniles playing with fireworks, four people lost their homes that afternoon"