Pot Grower Calls Cops, Gets Arrested

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A Reno PD Officer responded to the 600 blk of W. Arroyo Street Thursday night, for the report of a possible burglary in progress.

The Officer found a man in the middle of the street, covered in blood and apparently hallucinating that people were trying to shoot him with tranquilizer guns.

He told the officer that he'd come from the house at 625 W. Arroyo Street. At that house the policeman discovered a back window smashed out. There was also blood on the exterior and interior of the window.

While checking the house to ensure that there were no other injured parties, he discovered in excess of 30 large (4-7 foot tall) marijuana plants, in an elaborately designed grow room.

The pot seized appears to have a street value of several thousand dollars. The hydroponics lamps/ventilation equipment was also seized as evidence.

The suspect was taken to an area hospital for his injuries, before being booked into the Washoe County Jail.