Scott Freeman Interview

In Custody
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Defense Attorney Scott Freeman refused to answer direct questions regarding the guilt, or innocence, of his client Darren Mack. Darren Mack is charged with attempted murder for the shooting of Reno Family Court Judge Chuck Weller. And, he is charged with the murder of his wife Charla. The June 12th events happened after a heated divorce battle, in which there are reports that Darren Mack was furious with the way Judge Weller was handling the proceedings.
During the live interview on News Channel 8 Daybreak, Freeman declined to answer Danita Cohen's questions about any evidence in the case, or about Mack's feelings for the Judge. Freeman did say he has never had a case before the Judge, so he can't comment on how he rules in the courtroom, but he did wish him the best in his recovery. Freeman also commented on an incident in which a family member of Charla Mack's approached him and wondered how he could defend a murderer. Freeman said that being a defense attorney is his choosen profession, and he understands emotions run high in these kinds of cases.