Cervical Cancer Breakthrough

19-year old Tahni Korte says she's read about and heard about the new h-p-v vaccine.
At face value she says, it sounds like a good idea.
" Because I think it is very common and it does cause cervical cancer and I don't think anyone wants it, and if you can prevent it now do it."
At 19-Tahni is within the recommended age to get the new h-p-v vaccine.
But there are millions of women like her who don't know much about it.
What they need to know.
50-percent of adult Americans carry the h-p-v virus which is spread through sexual contact. Certain strains of this virus cause cervical cancer which kills about 35-hundred women every year. Local OBGYN Dr. Michael Enrico says the vaccine protects women against those problematic h-p-v strains like 16 and 18.
" It works at basically 100-percent efficacy rate at protecting the people who receive it from cervical cancer from 16 and 18 (strains). There are a million cases of veneral warts diagnosed every year, and this is going to protect people against that."
The vaccine is being recommended as routine for girls 11 and 12. The Food and Drug Administration has given approval for the vaccine for girls and women nine to-26 years of age.
The vaccine is given in a series of three shots.
The cost about three hundred-60-dollars which is not being picked up by insurance at this time.
But with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommending the vaccine that may change.