Weather May Help Fire Efforts

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Weather started the current rash of fires that has blackened more than 125 square miles across northern Nevada and weather may help crews in their battle against the flames.
Scattered showers and thunderstorms are forecast for this
afternoon across the northern part of the state. Rain in the
western area could be heavy at times and a flash flood watch goes
into effect starting at noon.
Slightly higher humidity, lower temperatures and calmer winds
yesterday were an improvement over the conditions of the past few
days since dry lightning touched off the fires.
Nevertheless, more than one-thousand firefighters continue to
battle dozens of fires, from a 69-thousand-500-acre blaze burning
out of control largely in uninhabited rangeland in northeast Nevada
to a complex of a dozen smaller fires around Reno and Carson City
that forced evacuations at the town of Mound House along the
historic Pony Express Trail.
Jeff Arnberger is the assistant fire management officer for the
Bureau of Land Management in Elko, where the largest fires were
burning. He says they are stretched about as thin as possible. He
says they are especially thankful for help that is coming in from
across the country.