Life in a Fire Camp

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Since Sunday afternoon, 550 firefighters have made O'Brien Middle School in Stead their home. They've been working 12 to 24 hour shifts, trying to knock down the Ball's Canyon Fire. They arrived from all over the region: Northern Nevada and Northern California.

While most firefighters would perfer to be battling the flames, the know that camp is a place to sleep and refuel.

At the Incident Command Post in Stead, there's the facilities and staff to let the rest and relaxation happen: showering tents, a place to shave and a supply trailer.

And if an army marches on its stomach, fire crews fight with bottled get them through the tough conditions.

Inmate crews from the California Department of Corrections work 2 12-hour shifts, preparing hot breakfasts and dinners. A typical dinner menu is barbecued steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, french bread, dessert and salad bar.

Working a fire is obviously grueling, hot and labor intensive. That's why the camp tries to provide as many creature comforts as possible, from hot water to hot dinners at night.