Wildfire Battle Continues Across Northern Nevada

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Governor Guinn declared a state of emergency today as state and federal crews put practically every available piece of equipment on the fire lines to combat dozens of lightning-sparked fires that have burned 125 square miles of Nevada.
More than one-thousand firefighters were battling dozens of
fires, from a 57-thousand-acre blaze burning out of control largely
in uninhabited rangeland in northeast Nevada to a complex of a
dozen smaller fires around Reno and Carson City that forced
evacuations at the town of Mound House along the historic Pony
Express Trail.
The series of fires that threatened 300 homes and businesses at
Mound House last night grew to six-thousand acres overnight and
looped around Carson City on the eastern front of the Sierra,
sending a mile-long snake of fire down a hillside near McClellan
As many as a 200 homes remained threatened there this afternoon
as fire crews braced for a third consecutive day of temperatures in
the 90s, low humidity, strong erratic winds and dry lightning.
Federal fire managers were sending a Type One team -- the army
of firefighters assigned to national priority fires -- to take
control of that attack on what they dubbed the "Sierra-Tahoe

The biggest fire in northeast Nevada, the Suzie fire, had
consumed an estimated 57-thousand acres of sagebrush and grass from
Carlin about 20 miles west of Elko to a state highway leading out
of Elko to the Idaho state line. It closed Interstate 80 for about
three hours on Monday and nearly doubled in size during the
afternoon when a storm cell settled directly over the fire.
Just east of that, the Elburz fire blackened 12-thusand-600
acres and the Sneekee fire in the Red Springs Wilderness Study Area
35 miles southwest of Elko was estimated at six-thousand acres of
grass and brush.
Eight Clark County firefighters, a wildfire coordinator and two
engines were dispatched late yesterday to the Elburz fire. That's a
trip of more than 400 miles.
The Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center in Minden says at
least 16 new fires had been reported since the storms passed
yesterday afternoon through its jurisdiction covering much of
western Nevada and northeastern California along the Sierra Nevada.