New Evidence in Mack Case

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Late Friday night Darren Mack's plane arrived in Reno from Dallas, Texas... Minutes later, he -- surrounded by a dozen armed officers -- entered the Washoe County jail where he is being held without bail.

The 45-year old has been charged with murder, attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon in the June 12th stabbing of his ex-wife, Charla, and the shooting of Family Court Judge, Chuck Weller.

In a search of Mack's townhouse, police turned up a shoe, towels and a t-shirt all with red stains after his ex-wife, was found dead there.

Also, police say they discovered more than 50 boxes of ammunition and four empty rifle cases.

Investigators say they took documents listing Judge Weller's campaign contributions as well VHS tapes titled "The Case Against Lawyers" and "Court Corruption."

When Mack turned himself in to the FBI in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, legal experts say he may have given up his chance to *avoid the death penalty.

Had he surrendered to Mexican authorities -- in a country against the death penalty -- he could have possibly negotiated to avoid the penalty on condition of his return.

Meanwhile, Mack's silver Ford Explorer remains missing...
Mack is expected to make his first court appearance on Monday.