Mack Now in Washoe County Jail

Mack was flown into the Reno Tahoe International Airport around 11:30 Friday night.
The governors plane was sent to Dallas, Texas to pick him up and landed at the Sierra Air Center, where authorities were waiting to transport him to the Washoe County Jail.
The car he was then place in was heavily guarded by local authorities all the way to the facility.
Mack will face a judge within the next 72 hours to hear the charges and evidence against him.
Mack is accused of killing his ex-wife, Charla Mack, and with the shooting of Family Court Judge Chuck Weller, the same judge who presided over his divorce.
Mack then fled the country and went to Mexico, but finally turned himself in to authorities at the U.S. consulate, because according to his attorney, he wanted to see his family.