Money To Fight The Crickets

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Nevada officials have secured 150-thousand dollars in federal funding to help combat another Mormon cricket infestation that's expected to ravage a wide swath of northern Nevada.
At the same time, newly passed federal legislation will make
Nevada ranchers and farmers eligible for disaster assistance for
crop losses experienced because of last year's cricket invasion.
Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who secured the funding in a Senate
agriculture appropriations bill, says the crickets are a "public
hazard" and the funding will help in the fight against them.
State officials estimate the two-inch insects will infest 10 (m)
million to 12 (m) million acres of Nevada by the end of summer.
Hardest-hit areas so far include parts of central Nevada,
including Austin and Eureka, but crickets also have been on the
march near Reno, Lovelock and Fallon.