Mack's Attorney Speaks

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Contrary to what Reno police reported at today's press conference, Mack's attorney was his client's intention, from the beginning, to voluntarily surrender to authorities.
Scott Freeman says throughout this whole process...his client has been cooperative, unarmed, and peaceful.
He says law enforcement never had to "turn up to heat..." Mack had already agreed to turn himself in.
Freeman knew of Mack's surrender late last night.
It was something they *both agreed upon...but says it was Mack's decision, and his decision alone, to turn himself in to the U-S consulate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Freeman says, contrary to local media reports, Mack was *not a "no" show at yesterday's arranged meeting with law enforcement.
He says it was *his decision to take an extra Mack understood *all his rights.
Freeman says he wanted Mack to return to the U-S...just as much as Reno police.
Now, that he's in custody in Texas...Freeman says Mack will waive extradition, and be transferred back to Reno sometime over the next couple days.
The latest we're that Mack will arrive sometime tonight.
Reno police detectives, as of three o'clock, were on their way to escort him back.
Once he's in Washoe County...Mack must appear before a judge, for his "initial appearance," within 72 hours.
He then will be advised of the charges against him...and the judge will make sure he has an attorney.