Mack Extradition Concerns

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As you may know...the United States has various agreements, with different countries, regarding extradition.
It's mutual...where the country sets the terms and conditions, upon which they will send people back to face justice.
Local judicial expert, William Dressel, says Mexico for instance...doesn't have the death penalty, and doesn't support it.
Therefore, if Mack surrendered to Mexican authorities...local prosecutors may have to waive the death penalty in this case.
Dressel says Mack is aware of that, and so is his attorney, Scott Freeman.
He says it didn't surprise him at all...that Mack didn't show up at the U-S consulate in Puerto Vallarta this morning.
Dressel says Freeman probably advised him...that if he did surrender to American authorities he would be subject to our laws.
Dressel says this case also poses a fourth amendment issue.
If Mack doesn't turn himself in, local authorities will obviously want to seize phone records with his get a better idea of Mack's whereabouts.
Dressel is skeptical any judge would give police a warrant to see where the calls came from...because the judge wouldn't want to invade the attorney/client privilege.