Mack Sighted in Mexico

Sighted In Mexico
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Darren Mack has reportedly been sighted in Mexico, according to police, and has spoken with authorities in Reno about turning himself in.

Those were the most significant breaks in an international manhunt since the ex-pawn shop owner allegedly killed his wife and shot the Reno judge handling their pending divorce 10 days ago.

At a hastily called news conference Thursday morning at Reno Police Headquarters, investigators outlined the reported sightings at several locations, including Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Mazatlan and around Puerto Vallarta.

Police say that Mack called Washoe County District Attorney Dick Gammick, to arrange a meeting with authorities, to turn himself in. The two agreed that Mack would meet authorities and be taken into custody, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Thursday morning.

According to Police, Mack missed that meeting. Gammick said Mack spoke to him at length over the phone, and spoke to him "straight up". He said Mack asked him to tell his family that he was in good health.

A witness reported that Mack was seen sun bathing near a pool, at a resort in La Paz, Mexico, on Wednesday. Polcie didn't elaborate on other possible sightings, other than to name four Mexican cities that they believed he had been to in the last 10 days.

Police asked citizens to continue to look for the Silver Ford Explorer that Mack was last known to be driving. They continued to stress that anyone with information should call Secret Witness at 324-7878.