Chemical Company Fined For Spill

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Two upper level sources at OSHA confirmed it, saying paperwork went out at the beginning of the week.

However, Sierra Chemical's President, Stan Kinder, says he's not aware of any fines. He hasn't received any paperwork on the May 8th accident, even though the green card went out of OSHA's Reno office on Monday.

Sources would only say the fine was "serious." Under federal law, they can't reveal anything else, until the employer is notified.

Most of those who were made ill by the chlorine gas leak were members of North Valley's varsity swim team. Head Coach CJ Waddell was there when a Sierra Chemical driver accidentally used the same tubing while putting in the two primary chemicals to clean the Northeast Community Center pool.

Parents of the sickened teenagers were quick to react, and Waddell says, six weeks later, the majority of the kids are fine. One boy, who can't be identified because he's a minor, is still having difficulty breathing and cold-like symptoms.

Parents told Waddell that the teen's doctor says his illness is a result of mild exposure to chlorine gas.

Waddell says Sierra Chemical has been good about taking care of everyone's medical bills.

OSHA says it wouldn't normally have taken this long to come back with a decision, but sources say they've been backlogged with cases. They still call this an active investigation.