Crime-Free Apartments?

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If you rent an apartment in Reno, there's a new program designed to better secure your complex. Reno Police have launched the "crime-free certification" plan to reduce and prevent crime, and help renters feel safe in their apartments.

The historic Loomis Manor Apartment Complex on Riverside Drive just west of downtown, is the very first to be certified. There are four steps an apartment owner or manager has to take to obtain certification.

First, they must provide enhanced security measures on the property. This includes dead-bolt locks, peepholes, anti-slide windows and plenty of lights.

Second, they have to check the criminal background of potential renters. Managers also have to plan meetings for neighbors to get to know each other and learn how to prevent crime.

The final step involves on-site inspections by Reno Police, to make sure the complex is in compliance.

RPD says dozens of other apartment managers have also expressed interest in the new program.