Deadline Day for Amendment Petitions

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Supporters of proposed constitutional amendments to restrict government spending and land seizures say they easily met today's deadline for turning in enough signatures to ensure a spot on the November 7th ballot.

But backers of four other initiatives, including one modeled
after California's Proposition 13 cap on property taxes, weren't
able to meet a minimum requirement of 83-thousand-184 valid

State Sen. Bob Beers, a Republican candidate for governor who
also is pushing the Tax and Spending Control initiative, says
supporters of the plan to limit government spending were turning in
nearly 151-thousand signatures to county officials throughout

Supporters of Stop the Taking of Our Land, or PISTOL, a
constitutional amendment to prevent governments from eminent domain
abuses, say they turned in petitions signed by more than
136-thousand Nevadans.

Another proposal that fell short was one to requiring daily
physical education classes for all K-12 public school students.

Backers of the Truth in Science and Prohibition of Unfunded
Mandates initiatives dropped efforts to qualify them for the