Rodeo Horses Located

Jeff Shearer from the \Flying U Rodeo Company was one of the first to locate the horses on Sunday afternoon. A rodeo saddle bronc rider he says there was a lot riding on this search mission. "They are more-- a part of the family than anything else. You feed those horses and you raise them, you see them born, you are around them your whole life. You have a bond with all those horses even though they are bucking horses. 500-thousand might be a cheap estimate just because of sentimental reasons..its just the love you have for the horses.
Jeff Shearer and his horse Nickel were part of a team who went out searching to the 58-horses.
Sometime early Sunday morning the horses got out of these pens and headed northeast...
Shearer says there was a lot of terrain to cover, not all of it welcoming to horses
" We had to unload in a housing track..and jump a barricade. We trotted up a golf course and through a gate. And we found their trail I left Jerome and Juilio and told them I would be back, and I stayed on the trail...and tracked them which shouldn't be hard...58-bucking horses but they kind of got in the rock so I got lost a couple of times. I probably tracked them for five miles. They ended up they were looking for water they ended up going into a new subdivision they were just building and they were drinking out of a holding tank they use to fill up the trucks."
Plenty of people tried to help...Even Southwest Airlines Pilots were told as they approached the airport to keep their eyes open for the herd.
The horses were led back to Gandolfo Arena and most appeared to be in good shape. Some were dehydrated including Spring Fling a mare worth one-hundred-thousand dollars. On average these horses run between five and seven thousand dollars. If you looked at these gift horses in the mouth...the total would be about half a million dollars.