Global Hunt for Mack

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Although Reno businessman and murder suspect Darren Mack is now one of "America’s Most Wanted," investigators aren't sure if he's still in this country.
Reno police say Mack has vast resources and travel experience, which is why they're working with law enforcement agencies around the country and outside of the U.S. Also tips from the public have led police to expand their investigation globally, although they will not give specifics on where they're looking.
In other developments, Reno police have confirmed that they found an "explosive compound" in Mack’s home during their search. They say at this point, it doesn't have anything to do with the stabbing or sniper shooting.
Investigators also confirmed they found Charla Mack's cell phone on the side of the road, off Interstate 80 just west of Reno, which backs their theory that Mack took off heading West on 80. They say even if he's out of the country by now, they still think they'll track him down.
Police are still looking for the 2006 ford explorer with California plates, 5POR272. As the search continues, the family and friends of Charla Mack are preparing for her funeral, which will take place Tuesday afternoon.