Custody of Mack's Daughter

While police continue to search for our local fugitive Darren Mack, custody over his daughter has been decided.
Today, a judge has granted Mack's mother, Joan Mack, temporary custody of the 8-year old.
However, the judge also granted his ex-wife Charla Mack's family, open visitation rights.
Meanwhile, the visitation for Charla Mack is set for tomorrow and her funeral will be at 1:00 on Tuesday at the Mountain View Mortuary in Reno.
Last night "America's Most Wanted" aired a profile on the Mack case...who is accused of killing his ex-wife and shooting a Reno Judge.
Police however, are not reporting any major new leads, but are convinced they will track him down.
They say Mack is man of vast resources, travel experience and abilities, and the search is not limited to local, state or national boundaries.