DNA From Previous Attack Matches Murder Evidence

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Prosecutors in the murder trial for local businessman Rickey Barge, are nearly finished with their long line of witnesses.

Monday was day five in the trial for the man accused in the August 2007 stabbing of UNR professor Judy Calder. We heard from seven different witnesses Monday, although much of the focus of their testimony wasn't on Judy Calder's murder, but on a separate attack that happened a year before her death.

Prosecutor Bruce Hahn called Deputy Sheriff Dean Kaumans to the stand. Kaumans testified that on August 25th, 2006, he responded to Calder's home in Incline Village.

According to Calder's husband, she was attacked by a man, who said quote: "Someone from UNR wants you dead."

Deputy Sheriff Kaumans says a white plastic bag was used in the attack that put Judy Calder in the hospital. When he and the other crime scene investigators arrived in her Incline Village garage, fingerprint evidence was limited.

Luckily, DNA evidence was plentiful.

A doctor from the crime lab testified that three people's DNA were found on the white plastic bag...Judy Calder's and two others. Roan says that the largest amount of DNA from the Incline attack, matched that of DNA found at the scene of her murder one year later.

No solid conclusions were reached during Monday's portion of the trial, but the prosecution continues to try to convince the jury that Barge is responsible for Calder's death.

Prosecutor Bruce Hahn plans to finish up his portion of witnesses Tuesday afternoon. From there, the defense will take over.