Clinton in Reno: We Can't Fail With This

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Former President Bill Clinton told a crowd at a Reno rally today, that the race between Barack Obama and John McCain will be close only if "we forget what this election is about.

Clinton said there are immediate three jobs awaiting the next president: restoring the American dream, fixing the economy and our standing in the world. Clinton who has raised some Democratic eyebrows with his facorable comments about the Republican candidate said "I can't hide my admiration for John McCain, but it's obvious who the president should be."

Clinton said he was impressed with Obama's approach to the economic crisis, seeking first to understand its origins and then backing a bailout plan which was not popular at that moment. "We need a president who wants to understand and can understand," Clinton said, adding that the right decision is often the unpopular decision at the time.

Clinton arrived an hour and a half late for the Reno rally, flying in from an appearance in Elko. His visit comes at a time when polls show Obama with a narrow lead ihere and surging in other battleground states.

"We can still lose this," he told the crowd of mostly students. "I want you to get out and talk with people. This is too important."