Mack on America's Most Wanted

America's Most Wanted
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Darren Mack will be the featured fugitive tonight on "America's Most Wanted."
Local police say this kind of exposure is invaluable... especially in this case, as so far, hundreds of tips as to his whereabouts haven't led to his capture.
Reno police are reporting no major leads today...but the "America's Most Wanted" program hasn't aired yet on the West Coast.
The hit T-V show asked man the phones tonight, in case any tipsters call in.
Producers were in Reno *all this week...profiling the Mack case.
They talked with investigators...and Charla Mack's mother, the estranged wife of the murder suspect, Darren Mack.
Police say her mother has been torn apart by this tragedy.
On the show, authorities make a plea for Mack to turn himself in...or at least give his side of the story.
They say he doesn't even have to give his whereabouts.
No one has seen or heard from Mack since Monday...when he called his cousin in Moraga, the Bay area.
They believe he left Reno westbound...because they found a personal item of Charla Mack's, missing from the murder scene, near Robb Drive.
But, that was five days ago.
Detectives say he could be anywhere, including out of the country.
They say "America's Most Wanted" will give them a nationwide audience.
The show's record speaks for itself...895 fugitives captured, who were featured on the program.