Charla's Story

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Steve Barnes knew both Darren and Charla Mack because their children go to school together. Barnes is now speaking on behalf of a group of friends who say they cared deeply for Charla, but are too afraid to go on camera.

All of them say they clearly remember Charla making comments that she feared her former husband would kill her.

"She did think this was a possiblity, and if it were to happen, to please let the world know this s.o.b. is responsible," Barnes said.

Even though they were aware of the tension between Charla and Darren, Barnes says no one believed it could ever result in her murder.

They say Charla always had a big smile on her face, and tried to live her life as normally possible. She was devoted to her 8-year-old daughter.

Barnes describes Charla as a wonderful mother and generous person who was always willing to volunteer her time, or lend a helping hand to anyone.

Charla's friends have set up a memorial fund to help pay for her burial, and to help support her 8-year-old daughter. If you'd like to make a donation, please go to First Independent Bank of Nevada. The account number is 011-023-033. It's called the Charla Mack Memorial Fund.