Family Court Danger

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It was back to business Wednesday morning in Reno's Family Court, after Monday's shooting shut it down.

Counselors were on hand for employees who are still feeling uneasy. Some of the staffers we talked to say they deal with highly emotional, and sometimes aggressive confrontations on a daily basis.

Newschannel 8 also talked to a couple of local judges who have spent many years in the family court system.

They say these types of proceedings can be the most dangerous in the entire judicial system. The cases involve children who are taken away, and money and property that must change hands.

Judges say emotions can run extremely high, even though their decisions are based on state and federal guidelines.

Judge Bill Dressel, who is the president of the National Judicial College here in Reno, says these guidelines don't allow judges much leeway.

In spite of that, Dressel says its common for a family court judge - like Chuck Weller - to face harsh criticism and personal attacks.