Harassment Against Judge Precedes Shooting

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A member of a father's advocacy group told Judge Chuck Weller weeks ago that "an angry man" was launching a campaign to try to ruin the judge's career.

A spokesman for the judge say the man told Weller that Darren Mack was out to get him using friends, associates, the media and anonymous Internet blogs to try to ruin his reputation in the weeks leading up to the sniper's gunshot that wounded the judge.

The information came today from Las Vegas political consultant Jim Denton, who is serving as a spokesman for Weller.

Because of the harassment, Weller called out as soon as he was shot for someone to get his wife, Roza, on the phone to get the family out of the house to safety immediately.

Denton says Weller told paramedics in the ambulance on the way to the hospital that Mack was the man he'd been told had started the blog attack on him four to six weeks ago.

In addition to the blog campaign, Weller said he'd been harassed by someone who anonymously placed an advertisement in The Sparks Tribune last week for the auction of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, listing Roza Weller's name and directions to their home. As a result, numerous bikers started showing up at their home Saturday morning for a nonexistent auction.

Numerous times last week, Denton says Weller was awakened at night by his wife, who was alarmed by their dogs barking intensely.