Search for Darren Mack: Day Three

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As News Channel 8 reported Tuesday night, a corporate credit card belonging to Mack's Palace Loan and Jewelry was used Monday afternoon at about 2:30 at a parking lot near the Sacramento Airport.

Police believe it is possible Mack could be headed to the Bay Area, specifically to the town of Moraga. His cousin lives there, and he is believed to be the last person who heard from Mack since the murder of his ex-wife, Charla and the shooting of Judge Chuck Weller, who presided over their hotly-contested divorce case.

The Mack family has since retained Reno criminal law attorney Scott Freeman to represent Mack. Freeman told News Channel 8 on Wednesday he is waiting and hoping with everyone else that Mack gets in touch. He says a plan is in place for him to surrender to authorities, if and when that happens.

Meanwhile, his cousin Jeff Donner says that when they last spoke, Mack had wanted his take on the family's situation to be known. Donner went on to try and convince Mack to turn himself in.

"His comments were brief," Donner said. "And his message to me was "If anything happened to me please make sure the true story about the injustices that are going on in that courtroom get out to the media and the public."

"I'm begging him that if he hears this, if he's listening, to please contact us," Donner said. "He knows he can trust us. We will do anything to help him. We want to save his life."

Because of his profession, Mack was licensed to carry concealed weapons, and had access to a number of guns, including a Bushmaster .223. The high-powered rifle has yet to be found. As police search for him he is considered armed.

The vehicle that Mack had rented just days before Monday's incidents is still being searched for. It is a silver 2006 Ford Explorer with a California license number 5POR272.

"If he is in fact responsible for what the news media is claiming, it is absolutely and totally out of character," Donner said. "It is a man that has simply snapped. A man that has been broken."

Investigators say they've received a number of possible leads and continue to get phone calls suggesting more.

Mack held a student pilot's license, so airports have been asked to be on the alert. So far, there's no indication he has tried to obtain an aircraft.

Police have not yet released the caliber of the weapon used against Judge Weller.