RPD Justifies Its Use Of Force

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RENO,NV - The Reno Police Department said the officers were justified in tasing a woman Sunday morning after a fight broke out near the famous arch.

“Officers could have been justified to use deadly force,” said Officer Tim Broadway, Reno Police Department.

Broadway cited a policy called the fatal funnel.

“Someone can run and rush you within 12 to 15 feet where you can be killed by any type of weapon,” Broadway said.

Currently there is no administrative review for when a tasing occurs, yet officers still have to justify its use.

“Any time we use our taser it is logged,” Broadway said. “There is a computer chip in our tasers and that has to be downloaded anytime you taser someone.”

RPD said it is trying to be as transparent about this incident and its escalation-of-force policy.

“The officers in this case used great discretion,” Broadway said. “Anybody who may have questions about our policies and procedures are encouraged to do a ridealong with the Reno Police Department and find out why we do the things that we do.”