Mack Search Spreads To Sacramento

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The manhunt for Darren Mack, has now led authorities to northern California where his corporate credit-card was used at Sacramento International Airport.
Reno Police wont say *who used that credit card, but they confirmed that it is associated with Mack's business.
They say Law enforcement agencies in Sacramento, including the FBI are working along with Reno investigators to track Mack down.
He's accused of brutally stabbing his estranged wife Charla, and he's the suspect in the sniper shooting of Family Court Judge, Chuck Weller, who presided over the couple's hotly contested divorce trial. Neighbors have described the separation as "viscious". Court documents reveal both Darren and Charla were granted protection orders against each other.
A former associate of Mack's, who used to repair jewelry in the pawn shop he owned, says she knew about the difficult divorce. Toni Lackey also says she's also a good friend of Dan Osborne, who may have been the last person to see Mack on Monday, inside the townhome where Charla was later found dead.
Osborne told police that on Monday morning, Charla and Darrel were in the garage, while he was upstairs with their seven year old daughter. Osborne says he heard his dog barking frantically....