Shooting Prompts Court Safety Concerns

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Monday morning's shooting has prompted a review of courthouse safety. While existing safety measure are geared toward preventing weapons from getting inside the buildings, there's not much to stop an attack from the outside.

When the new Mills Lane Center and the buildings at South Sierra Street were being constructed in Reno, the possibility of securing the offices with bulletproof or frosted glass was talked about. However, actually installing the protective material was never seriously considered because of cost and the likelihood it would never be needed. Instead, internal security was given top priority.

When word of the sniper shooting reached the Senate Floor, Harry Reid took the opportunity to call for federal help to protect our judges.

"I've contacted the commissioners of Washoe County to extend my support in doing whatever we can do from back here to prevent such tragedies," Reid said. "If there is federal assistance we can give for all around the country that we should do that, because certainly we can't have things like this take place."

Reid went on to pledge his support for Senate Bill S 19-68, the court security bill, which would provide federal grants for security infrastructure such as bulletproof glass or additional personnel.

The bill was first put forth last year, following a rash of attacks on judges and their families across the country.