New Details in Charla Mack Murder

The Criminal Complaint Affidavit, obtained by Newschannel 8, gives us new details of what Reno Police discovered at Darren Mack's town home, at 9900 Wilbur May Parkway.

Officers were first brought to the home by a caller, concerned about the safety of Charla Mack. Those officers knocked on the town home door, but there was no response, so the officers left.

After Police had further interviewed the caller, they returned to the residence, and observing a small amount of what appeared to be blood in the driveway, they entered the garage.

There they discovered Charla Mack in a pool of blood, and determined that she was deceased. Charla Mack's vehicle was parked in the garage, and inside it police found her cay keys, along with blood evidence.

Detectives also noted that there was blood evidence on the garage floor, that indicated the deceased had been dragged so that the vehicle could be driven into the garage.

After obtaining a search warrant police searched the rest of the house, and found the sheath to a Gerber Dagger, on the closet floor of Darren Mack's bedroom.