Slain Couple's Family Offers Reward for Information

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The family of a couple shot to death in their home behind the gates of the exclusive Montreux Development last March are pleading for justice, and offering a award if someone who has information about the case.

The children of Joan and Al Musalo have posted a reward of $20,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of their parents' murderer. Secret Witness is also offering a $2,500 reward.

Authorities have admitted that they have very few leads in the investigation, which is what prompted the family to offer the reward.

The couple's daughter, Joanne Kohls, says that someone must know something about her parents' case, and hopes that the offer will bring peace and relief to her family and the community.

"I think we're all focused in dealing day by day with our loss and with taking care of one another and our families," Kohls said. "And we trust law enforcement is doing all they can."

The Musalos moved to Reno 22 months ago to be closer to their family. Their children, Joanne and son Rick, say their parents were in good health, and the days leading up to their murders were as normal as they could be.

"They were planning a trip back to New York to visit their sisters," Kohls said. "They were choosing fabric to recover their dining room chairs. I mean, they were just living their lives."

That's why it was so odd when Joanne couldn't reach her folks during the night of March 28th. She wanted to invite them over for dinner before they left on their trip.

"I tried to call," Kohls said. "Then I couldn't get a hold of them all day. It worried me. After dinner, when it was dark and snowing, they weren't home. I felt I needed to check."

Joanne found her parents had been shot to death. To this day, no suspects have been identified, and no motive for the murders has ever been discovered.

The children say their parents had no enemies. Al Musalo was a retired flight engineer and Joan Musalo was a homemaker. They loved the outdoors, and Joanne and Rick say Montreux offered their parents that perfect mix of wilderness and a sense of community.

"Nothing will return our parents and we will live with this tragic loss everyday of our lives," Kohls said. "But we hope and pray that someone will come forward with information so that our community is a safer place and no other family will have to go through this pain and loss."