Wounded Goose Hunt

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For the past couple of weeks, people enjoying the park at Virginia Lake have reported a disturbing sight, a Canadian Goose with an arrow piercing its body. The Nevada Humane Society has tried to catch the bird with no success. Newschannel 8 contacted the Nevada Department of Wildlife , who has also tried to catch the goose.

There is a question of jurisdiction here though, this bird is actually a ward of the federal government, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says they only learned of the bird and its plight Friday morning.

They say they will respond and have an immobilizing drug which, if they can put some on some bread and get the bird to eat it, will quiet him to the point at which they'll be able to catch him.

They'll need the bird to be drugged because although the wound appears to be serious, the Department of Wildlife says the bird is still quite active and can even fly.

They tell us they get similar reports about 3 or 4 times a year. No one knows who is wounding these birds or even if they are being wounded here.

A Newschannel 8 viewer is standing by ready to help. Dr. Mark Ditsworth, a local veterinarian, has called to offer his services. He'll treat the bird for free, if someone can catch it.