Horses Killed in 395 Accident

"This could have easily been a fatal collision this morning," says Trooper Chuck Allen with the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Look at the driver's car and you wonder how she survived hitting a more than thousand pound animal going at least 50-miles an hour--the posted speed limit here.

The driver traveling behind 24-year-old Cristina Laughbon says he saw her car in the right lane, and went to the left to pass.

"I tried to get away from them but the horses were blocking the road. So my choices were either to hit the horses or go into oncoming traffic," says Nick Mazo.

"Unfortunately I saw it. I was taking my wife to work. We pulled up and there was the accident. We were probably one of the first people there," says David Jones an Andrew Lane resident.

Jones says in more than one way, this accident was bound to happen.

He says cars are still going too fast in the area, which means drivers have less time to react.

"There has to be some public awareness," says Trooper Allen.

Trooper Allen says horses coming down from the Virginia Range and making their way through Andrew Lane has now become a public safety issue.

Those who live in the area say it's one thing for the horses to come from a range where food is scarce to neighborhoods where grass and water is more plentiful.

It's quite another they say when some residents feed the horses encouraging them to stay.

The Department of Agriculture says it's actually tried to trap some of the horses on private land at the request of the land owner--only to have those efforts thwarted by wild horse advocates.

"But there would be a chance that that accident would not have happened today if in fact we had the ability to trap those horses that weekend," says Ed Foster with Nevada's Department of Agriculture.