15-Year-Old Ray May Fire Suspects Charged as Juveniles

Courtesy Jordan Barr
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The two 15-year-old boys accused of starting a wildfire that burned more than five square miles will be charged as juveniles.

The boys admit their guilt and will be charged as juveniles and the specific charge is "destruction of timber, crops, or vegetation by fire caused by gross negligence."

The Ray May fire burned about 3900 acres south of Gardnerville. It started August 16th, when the boys did not fully put out their campfire.

According to the Associated Press the teens stomped on the fire and even peed on it in an effort to put it out.

They'll remain in custody until a Sept. 13 hearing.

Prosecutors have had several meetings and briefings with Captain Terry Taylor, the on-scene fire investigator, as well as representatives of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Douglas County Juvenile Probation Department and recommended a delinquency offense.

The recommendation of a delinquency offense, a category C felony if committed by an adult, rather than arson is due in part to the suspects' young ages and because the juveniles did not willfully and maliciously set the fire.

Prosecutors could seek cost recovery from the teens' parents of up to $10,000 each.