Motel Drug Sweep

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Two Reno motel owners are out of work tonight...both relating to drug possession.
A sweep, by the Reno police department, netted eight people.
For a week, the Motel Interdiction Team had been watching one particular room at the White Court Motel...and the general neighborhood. On Monday...officers arrested Connie Simmons, the occupant of that room, for possession of cocaine...and maintaining a residence for sales of a controlled substance. The motel's manager was arrested for possession of methamphetamine...and has since been fired. The next day, police did "knock and talk" operations...resulting in the arrests of Russell Chandler, Floyd Latham, and Richard Zamarripa for possession of methamphetamine. Also arrested, were Heith Evans and Dayla Barbosa for possessing of drug paraphernalia. The other, motel manager, Darra Pruitt...was cited for having less than an ounce of marijuana.
She was also fired.
Valerie Williams was cited for occupying a room without registering.