Toll Road One Step Closer

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Storey County Commissioners hope to open Six Mile Canyon Road in the next two weeks, but outsiders might have to pay a toll to use it.
The county's road work crew has been working for the past five weeks to repair the road, after heavy damage from the New Year's Eve storm shut it down for five months.
The final figures aren't in yet, but initial estimates price the repairs at about $150,000. That's why Storey County has put together a proposal to start charging outsiders to use the road. Commissioners we talked to say its mostly drivers from Lyon County who use the stretch as a short-cut, and they say they need help covering expenses.
The proposal on the table is to charge outsiders $300 each year for a sticker to use the road. Or drivers could pay by the month.
One commissioner we talked to says it might make more sense to put up a toll both, so drivers can pay as they go.
Commissioners will meet again on the matter on June 20th.