ATV Accident Leads to Decapitation

[ Search and rescue teams were already deployed early this morning when a highway worker spotted the A-T-V --engine still running in a dry ditch just off of three-95 north at Arrowhead Drive in Carson City.
Two months ago, Nevada Department of Transportation had set up this Controlled Access Fence to keep people off the freeway.
For whatever reason Lester Paul Junior, the victim, did not see the fence where from his view was neck level and below.
Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says his department has help in this investigation. " Was he permitted to be in that area..where there signs up, what were the details of the accident as it occurred, that is what is under investigation at this office, Nevada Highway Patrol has a special team that is assisting us."
Furlong says teams from his department and the Nevada Department of transportation were on scene to map out the area to figure out speed, field of vision, and terrain. All four wires snapped during impact..but the atv continued down the ditch for roughly forty feet before coming to a stop.
Several questions still need to be answered, how fast was Paul going at the time of the accident, was it dark, was a head light on. was alcohol involved, how well did he know the area.
An autopsy is scheduled for LEster Paul Junior Wednesday morning at the Washoe County Coroner's Office.
Paul's family reported him missing Tuesday morning when he did not return from his ATV outing early Monday evening.