Parking Meter Fee Drops in Reno

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RENO (KOLO) -- After dramatically raising the fee to park downtown in Reno, city leaders have now slashed the cost.

It used to cost 75 cents to park at a downtown meter for an hour. Then, this summer the fee was upped to two dollars for about an hour. Now, the city will charge a dollar for an hour.

City Councilmember David Aiazzi said the change comes after the public spoke out again the hike.

"To tell you the truth (the rate increase) was in the big budget process and I think we all overlooked it, that was a recommendation by staff, and I think we just missed it," Aiazzi said.

Chuck Shapiro of the Wild River Grill on the riverwalk said the higher fee had meant a smaller lunch crowd.

"People would decide not to come because it was several dollars to feed the meter to be here a couple hours."

Members of the public who spoke with KOLO also welcomed the rate drop.

"If you're trying to grow your downtown, why would you have parking meters at all? So I think to lower the fee is a very good idea and hopefully it will stimulate and contribute to growth in the downtown area," Dustin Rowe, a visitor from Oklahoma said.

Aiazzi said some meters may be charging the new rate as early as Monday, but staff has several weeks to make the change.

He also said although the price to park is falling, parking too long will cost you more. A violation is increasing from $10 to $20.