Sparks Attorney Warns of Secret Shopper Scam

Sparks City Attorney Chet Adams warns Sparks residents about a recent mail campaign offering to hire members of the public as "Secret Shoppers."

The offers are being sent from Canada by a purported New York company and contain checks in the amount of $3,900.25. The mail recipient is asked to deposit the check, keep $1,300 for shopping and training and send a money gram for the remaining $2,600.25 back to New York.

"In these troubled economic times, the offer of free money to go shopping is very attractive," said Sparks City Attorney Chet Adams. "After depositing the check into your checking account, you are supposed to send a money gram for $2,600.25 back to the New York company. The New York company can simply stop payment on the check they sent you. Unfortunately, you end up losing $2,600.25 cash," Adams said.

Sparks City Attorney Chet Adams advises that anyone receiving an unexpected check in the mail purporting to hire you as a "Secret Shopper" should destroy the check immediately. Do not deposit the check or contact the New York company.